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Message from the Dean

The Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS) was established in 1992 with the objective of fostering talented young people to serve the international community. It is a relatively new school at Kobe University, one of oldest universities in Japan, having an established reputation for excellence in social sciences.

Today we are faced with many serious global issues such as economic crisis, climate change, civil wars, and natural disasters. We must examine these issues from an inter-disciplinary perspective as well as a transnational viewpoint. GSICS provides methodologies of Economics, Laws, Political Science, International Relations, Educational Development, and Disaster Risk Management to address these complicated issues. Students are expected to develop expertise in one of these fields, becoming conversant in the other fields at the same time.

GSICS has courses taught in Japanese and taught in English. International students from more than twenty-five countries make up forty percent of enrolled students. You can engage with people having a diverse range of backgrounds and values. GSICS offers a wide variety of programs and a good environment to form professional skills. We welcome motivated students who will serve the international community after empowering themselves through education and research here.

Chen Kuang-hui


Message from the Dean

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