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She studies civil and commercial laws and their implementation in Asian region, in a combined method of the comparative law and the regional socio-economic studies. Although "legal institution" is one of the core concerns in the present international development study circle, professional researches are very much limited in this area and she deems herself as one of the advance guards in the frontier. She is particularly interested in the autonomous development of Asian law beyond simple "transplant" of Western or global models. Working very close to the legal cooperation activities from Japan, she has special concerns on civil and commercial law reforms in such transition economies as Vietnam, China and Laos, as well as financial law reforms in such leading ASEAN countries as Thailand and Indonesia.

Major Publications


Law is always changing according to the needs of society. The question is what the normative choice behind such changes. Although public laws in Asia have been criticized as authoritarianism, private laws in Asia can offer many valuable clues for the normative modification of Western capitalism which seems in a struggle for changes.