Teaching Staff

Keiichi OGAWA


Research Topic

My research topics include economics of education, education finance, and education policy and planning. My research interest lies in the analysis of public policies on the education sector linked with macroeconomics, public finance and labor market issues in developing countries. I am particularly interested in the following four areas: a) public expenditure review on education and management; b) cost and financing in the education sector, including demand side of financing; c) analysis of internal and external efficiencies of education; and d) inequity issues in education, particularly issues related to gender, class, and geographical location.

Major Publications


This is a message to potential candidates who are interested in applying to Kobe GSICS. I believe that it is important to integrate both theory and practice if your goal is to be a specialist in educational development. In my courses, I use English as the instructional language and aspire my students to gain not only in-depth knowledge of the subjects but also gain cutting-edged research skills. I also encourage my students to conduct internships in international/bilateral development organizations, as well as to conduct field work in developing countries.

Office Hour / Contact Information

Please make an appointment by e-mail (ogawa35[at]kobe-u[dot]ac[dot]jp)