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Teaching Staff

(as of 1st April 2017)

Name Position Research Fields
ALEXANDER Ronni new window Professor Peace Studies, with a focus on gender and safety, particularly in Pacific Island Countries
TOSA Hiroyuki new window Professor Critical Theory and Its Application in International Relations
NISHITANI Makiko new window Associate Professor Theories of International Relations, Transnational Social Movements, International Norms
TAKAHASHI Motoki new window Professor Economic Development in Eastern and Southern Africa, Development Assistance for Least Developed Countries
OGAWA Keiichi new window Professor Economics of Education, Education Finance, Education Policy and Planning
SHIMAMURA Yasuharu new window Associate Professor Development Economics, Applied Econometrics, Social Research Methods for Development
MATSUNAGA Nobuaki new window Professor International Trade and Economic Growth, Enterprise in Economic Development, FDI and International Division of Labor
YAMAZAKI Koji new window Professor Development Economics, Welfare Measurement
ITO Takahiro Associate Professor Development Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics
CHEN Kuang-hui new window Professor Applied Econometrics, Regional/Spatial Data Analysis, the Chinese Economy
UCHIDA Yuichiro new window Professor Development Economics, Economic Development in East Asia, Applied Economics/Econometrics
KODAMA Masahiro new window Associate Professor Development Macroeconomics (Economic Growth, Business Cycles, etc.)
KAWABATA Koji new window Associate Professor Structural Transformation, Economic Development, Applied Econometrics
INOUE Takeshi new window Associate Professor Financial Inclusion, Remittances, Empirical Analysis of Indian Economy
SHIBATA Akiho new window Professor International Law
HAYASHI Mika new window Professor International Law
OKADA Yohei new window Associate Professor International Law
YOTSUMOTO Kenji new window Professor Asian Constitutional Law
KANEKO Yuka new window Professor Law and Development, Asian Comparative Law, Economic Law
SAITO Yoshihisa new window Associate Professor Social Law in Asia and Transition Economies
MATSUNAMI Jun new window Professor Comparative Study of Deregulation, Privatization and Local Governments
KIMURA Kan new window Professor Korean Nationarism and Historical Disputes in Northeast Asia

Visiting Professors

Name Affiliation
OGANE Masatomo Japan International Cooperation Agency
IZUMI Yasuo Japan Development Institute
OHTA Hiroshi  
MOURI Tadaatsu Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Adjunct Lecturers

Name Affiliation
WADA Kenji Musashino Gakuin University
SHOJO Mari World Bank
TSURI Masao Okayama University
ABE Naofumi Tokyo University
KOU Keiko Nanzan University
KURITA Makoto Chiba University
HAMANAKA Shingo Ryukoku University
IGA Tsukasa Kyoto University


KODAMA Masahiro

I am an alumnus of GSICS as well as being on the teaching staff. I learned economics from scratch in this program. After working for a research institute for some years, I returned to this school as an associate professor. As can be observed from my experience, students can study economics in GSICS from a basic level to the researcher level. The teaching staff of our program understand not only economic theories but also actual developing economies. Thus, students can learn about both. The provision of knowledge of both economics and actual developing economies is one of our program's distinct features.

KODAMA Masahiro(Associate Professor)


Teaching Staff

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