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  • アフリカにおける自然保護区の導入条件について
  • エルサルバドルにおける EDUCO プログラムの展開と終焉に関する一考察
  • 開発倫理学の形成と展開~Denis Goulet の業績を中心に~
  • 教員資格の高度化理論の社会学的検証
  • 南アフリカにおける分権と公正~保健セクターにおける予算配分を事例として~
  • An Analysis of Quality of Primary Education in Bangladesh: Focused on Slum Area
  • An Analysis of Regional Equity in Ugandan Primary School Pupils’Learning Achievement
  • An Analysis of the Effect of Head Teachers’Factors on Quality of Education in Ugandan Primary Schools
  • An Analysis on Linguistic Environment and French Language Acquisition in Senegalese Primary Schools
  • An Analysis on the Influence of Factors on Lower Secondary Student's Academic Achievement in Vietnam
  • Analysis of High Failure Rates at Primary Leaving Examination in Uganda
  • Analysis of the Quality of Primary Education in Kenya
  • Educational Quality in Burkina Faso: A Comparison of Public and Private Schools in Kadiogo Province
  • Factor Analysis for Primary Education Repetition and Dropout in India: Case of Scheduled Tribe in Raigad District
  • Influence of the School-Based Management Approach on Teacher Absenteeism and Motivation in Ugandan Primary Schools in Eastern Districts
  • To Go or Not To Go : Decisions about Resettlement by Bhutanese Refugees in Nepale
  • インドネシアの構造変化と地域間格差:1990-2010 年
  • 中国における交通インフラの経済効果-質的分類による実証分析-
  • 中国における余剰労働力の実態と労働移動
  • 認知症と要介護認定-間接介護の評価と介護地獄-
  • バングラデシュ繊維産業と見返り信用状の有用性
  • フィリピン自動車産業に関する考察-タイの自動車産業との比較を通じて
  • An Analysis of Indonesia's Fiscal Sustainability
  • Comparative Advantage in Agriculture Sector of Indonesia: An Analysis by RCA
  • Export Structure and Economic Growth: A Regional Level Study in Indonesia
  • Impact Analysis of Conditional Cash Transfer on Adult Labor Supply: Evidence from OPORTUNIDADES in Mexico
  • International Joint Venture, Ownership and Host-Country Tax Policy: A Theoretical Analysis
  • Labor Standards and Productivity: A Firm Level Analysis of the Garment Industry in Bangladesh
  • Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism in Thailand and Implications for Vietnam
  • Performance of Local Commercial Banks in Sri Lanka: An Analysis Based on Cost Functions
  • Revealed Comparative Advantage of Mongolia, 1996-2007
  • Revisiting the Causality between Financial Development and Economic Growth: A Panel Data Study
  • Rural-Urban Migration in China - Evidence from Sichuan and Zhejiang Provinces
  • Study on Teacher Absenteeism and Student Performance in India
  • Subsidy for Public Transportation: A Case Study of the Special Region of Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia
  • The Analysis of the Effects of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 on the Behavior of Indonesia's State-Owned Enterprises
  • The Effect of RMB Exchange Rate on Capital Inflows in China
  • The Impact of the Business Environment on Small and Medium Enterprises’Size and Employment; A Cross Country Comparison
  • The Relation between Foreign Direct Investment and Human Development in Indonesia
  • イスラーム法と女性差別撤廃条約履行の可能性-インドネシア婚姻法と DV 法の分析を通じて-
  • カンボジア土地法の問題点と法的解決方途の提示-コッコン州スレアンベル地区土地紛争事例の分析を通じて-
  • 企業の他国における人権侵害に関する本国の保護義務:国際人権法上の「二次的域外保護義務」の生成と課題
  • 台湾の世界保健総会(WHA)へのオブザーバー参加の意義-WHA モデルの検討を通して
  • 法整備支援における日本の戦略
  • Improving Remedies at the WTO Dispute Settlement for Developing Countries-A Capability Study of Three Main Proposals with the Current System
  • Judical Resolutions of Environmental Disputes in the Perspective of Tort Law: A Comparative Analysis between Japan and Vietnam
  • The Improvement of Laws Protecting Dispatched Workers in Vietnam: Lessons from the Japanese Experience
  • Career Development as a Motivational Tool for Retention of Personnel Case Study of the Civil Service of Kyrgyz Republic
  • Governance in Anti-Poverty Program in Malang City
  • The Agreements of Water Utilization: The Case Study of Halimun Salak National Park, West Java, Indonesia
  • The Formulation of Local Regulations in Indonesia: A Case Study on Managing Traditional and Modern Markets in Tasikmalaya Municipality


  • ソロモン諸島における妊婦のマラリア予防行動に関する分析 -Health Belief Model を用いた検証-
  • Equitable Access to Higher Education in Egypt: Effects of Household-Financed Education
  • Human Trafficking in South Asia: Issues of Human Security and Gender in India, Bangladesh and Nepal
  • Winding Route to Consensus-Building: Democratisation and Taiwan's National Pension Scheme
  • Examining the Effects of Home, School and Community Factors on Pupils’Achievements in Ugandan Primary Schools
  • Examining Technical Efficiency and Management Effectiveness in Lower Secondary Schools in Uganda
  • 健康行動及び医療サービスの寄与因子に関する実証分析
  • メキシコの地域格差に関する実証的研究
  • Analysis on the Trade Integration of ASEAN in the Priority Export Sectors and Foreign Direct Investment
  • Labor Market Entrants and Food Consumption Patterns by Agricultural Households in Malawi: Econometric Application of Agricultural Household Models
  • The Role of Social Capital in Community Collective Action in Cambodia: The Case Study of Mutual Help and Local Management of Commons
  • Village Savings and Credit Groups in Laos: An Empirical Study on Credit Demand, Governance and Loan Repayment
  • 「資源の呪い」の外的要因に関する理論と実証:産油国とサハラ以南アフリカの事例より
  • PFI 事業における VFM 評価に関する研究
  • 国際刑事裁判所(ICC)の管轄権と非当事国
  • Indonesia Constitutional Court in Comparative Perspective: Characteristic of Institution and Adjudication Practice
  • 経済・政治開放期のマレーシアにおけるメディアと政治 -オルタナティブ・メディアを通じたメディアの自由化-
  • Generating Accountability in an Accountability Deficient Environment: Philippine Case Studies on Whistleblowing
  • 2 つのキューバ・ナショナリズムをめぐる比較考察:1902-1963
  • 朝鮮半島における植民地主義とスポーツに関する研究











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