[2014.04.09] GSICS Announcement of Admission for 2014 Doctoral Program PDF

[2014.02.24] GSICS Professor delivered keynote speech in Cambodia Education Research Forum

[2014.02.07] Kobe University's GSICS conducted workshop training on education finance and administration to ministry of education officers in Vientiane, Lao PDR.

[2014.02.04] CAMPUS Asia Program and Program for Careers in International Organizations co-presents: CAREER SEMINAR "Careers in Careers in International International Organizations" (6th Feb.)

[2014.01.27] Development Management Policy Seminar "Emergence of the Global Partnership for Education" (28th Jan.)

[2014.01.16] Risk Management Seminar "The UNICEF's approach on DRR, including the child-centred risk assessment methodology" (3rd Feb.)

[2014.01.04] Kobe University's GSICS conducted JICA Training on Education Finance and Administration to Ministry of Education Officers in Developing Countries

[2013.12.26] Risk Management Seminar "Political Economy of East Asian Regional Architecture: Managing the Political Risks Economically?" (15th Jan.)

[2013.12.11] Risk Management Seminar "Capacity Assessment for Emergency Management: Theory, Practices and Tools" (18th Dec.)

[2013.11.26] Development Management Policy Seminar "Current Issues on Teacher Education in Thailand" (27th Nov.)

[2013.11.26] Development Management Policy Seminar "SME Development in the Fragile Conflict Affected Countries" (28th Nov.)

[2013.11.26] Development Management Policy Seminar "Education Finance and Administration: Focused on Basic Education Quality, Internal Efficiency and Equity" (12th & 13th Dec.)

[2013.10.28] Prof. Alexander and a group of GSICS students were interviewed on KPRG Radio Guam, during a recent International Field Work.

[2013.10.07] Information for the Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP) renew

[2013.10.04] Application Guidelines for the Special Course for Development Policy (2014 Doctoral Course) renew

[2013.10.04] Application Guidelines for the Special Course for Development Policy (2014 Master's Course) renew

[2013.09.25] Development Management Policy Seminar "Education Finance and Administration in ASEAN" (9th Oct.)

[2013.09.17] Development Management Policy Seminar "Returns to Schooling around the World" (25th Sep.)

[2013.07.18] CAMPUS ASIA Students' Seminar 2013: What we have achieved in Kobe? (31st July)

[2013.06.26] Development Management Policy Seminar "National Education System Reform" in Lao PDR (2nd July)

[2013.06.26] Development Management Policy Seminar "Assessing Quality of Education" (1st July)

[2013.06.10] Risk Management Seminar "Gender Perspectives in Disaster Management" (24th June)

[2013.06.10] Risk Management Seminar "Revisiting 'Rightful Resistance' in China" (1st July)

[2013.06.06] Special Lecture by Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Osaka (8th July)PDF

[2013.05.27] New GSICS Pamphlet 2013 can be downloaded now PDF (4.28MB)

[2013.05.08] Announcement of Admission for 2013 Master's ProgramPDF

[2012.09.24] JDS Fellows from the Philippines

[2011.04.04] Information on the Eastern Japan Earthquake

[2011.03.18] To all International Students

[2011.03.17] Requesting confirmation of student safety in areas affected by the Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake

[2010.05.25] GSICS' Program for Careers in International Organizations enters its third year.

[2010.05.20] Important Announcement Warning against Traveling to Thailand

[2010.04.01] GSICS Conducted Field Study in France and USA

[2010.03.10] Kobe University's research team was invited to give a seminar at UNESCO IIEP

[2010.02.16] International Seminar on Quality of Education under Universal Primary Education Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa

[2009.11.10] The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan visits the GSICS on 20 November

[2009.10.23] GSICS held the Tea Party!PDF

[2009.10.07] Classes and End of Term Examinations in Case of Typhoon, Disruption of Transportation, etc

[2009.08.07] GSICS concluded an Agreement on International Cooperation with three Indonesian universities

[2009.06.01] Measures taken against Influenza A (H1N1) at Kobe University (3)

[2009.05.29] Updates on traveling overseas

[2009.05.25] Make Up Class Schedule

[2009.05.17] All classes will be resumed from Saturday, May 23

[2009.05.17] All Kobe University Classes Cancelled due to Influenza A (H1N1) from May 16-22

[2009.05.16] Measures to be taken against Influenza A (H1N1)

[2009.04.27] Publication of a second bilingual peace picture book: Popoki, What Color is Friendship? Popoki's Peace Book 2

[2009.04.10] International Studies Program Seminar

[2009.03.26] GSICS Recommends Grameen Founder and Managing Director Muhammad Yunus for an Honorary Degree

[2009.01.28] Special Week for International Careers is organized by the Program for Careers in International Organizations

[2009.01.06] International Seminar on Policy Implications and Future International Cooperation for Universal Primary Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

[2009.01.06] Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS) will jointly host the Japan Education Forum VI

[2008.10.03] GSICS Joins the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarships Program

[2008.10.02] Important Information: Last Chance for Free Measles Anti-body Test and Free Measles Vaccines! PDF(102KB)

[2008.07.14] Test for Measles Immunity

[2008.07.08] Measles Infection PDF(13.7KB)

[2008.06.02] World Bank's Recruitment Seminar is held at GSICS

[2008.01.31] IED (International Educational Development) Seminar was held

[2007.08.14] We Were Selected to be One of the "University Education Internationalization Promotion Program"

[2007.03.09] We Held an International Seminar on Primary Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

[2006.06.25] We Held a Workshop on International Education Development and Education Cooperation

[2006.04.25] A Workshop Was Held on BRIDGE Program in the Republic of Yemen

[2005.11.01] Deputy Director General of Laotian Ministry of Education Visited Us

[2005.09.12] We Starts a “Dual Degree Program” with Three Universities in Indonesia

[2005.07.28] We Held a Kick-Off Seminar on Our Girls' Education Program in Yemen

[2005.06.22] We Will Participate in a Program for Developing Girls' Education in Yemen

[2005.06.10] We Delivered This Year's Remote Lecture Program for the National University of Laos

[2005.04.18] World Bank's Director Delivered Two Lectures at GSICS

[2005.04.08] We Conducted a Survey for Cambodia's Human Resource Development Program

[2005.04.05] We Gave an Industrial Fieldwork Training for the National University of Laos

[2005.03.21] Two Symposia on Education Were Held at GSICS

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