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Current Students

Annual Schedule

October 4 Entrance Ceremony for the Special Course for Development Policy
October 6 Beginning of Fall Semester
Mid October Submission of the Registration Form of Class Subjects for Fall Semester
December 28 - January 5 No Classes during Winter Vacation
February End of Ordinary Classes, Fall Semester
February - March 15 Intensive Courses (optional)
March 31 End of Fall Semester
April 12 Beginning of Spring Semester
April 1 - June 20 Submission Period for the Doctoral Dissertation

* If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday,
  it will be postponed to the next business day.

April 15 Submission of "Title of Master's Thesis"

* If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday,
  it will be postponed to the next business day.

Mid April Submission of the Registration Form for Spring Semester Class Subjects
May 15 University Anniversary
June 10 Spare day
July 15 Submission of Master’s Thesis & Submission Form of Master's Thesis

* If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday
  it will be postponed to the next business day.

Late July End of Ordinary Classes, Spring Semester
August - September Intensive Courses (optional)
August 8-September 30 Summer Vacation
Late Aug Final Exam for Master Thesis (September Graduates)
Late September Completion Ceremony
September 30 End of Spring Semester

Current Students

Annual Schedule

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