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  • A Case Study of Parental Involvement in Early Childhood Development in Vientiane Province, LaoPeople's Democratic Republic
  • An Analysis on Relationship between School User Fees and Education Attainment in Lao PDR
  • Blondes Preferred? Japanese on-line Marriage Agency Portrayals of Women from the Former SovietUnion
  • Chinese FDI and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Domestic Migration and Enrollment of Children in Rural Cambodia
  • Empirical Analysis on Livelihood Strategies in Rural Kenya
  • Estimate of Private Return to Schooling in Timor-Leste
  • Exploring the Characteristics of Information Network in Rural Vietnam
  • Impact of School Factor-Related Incentives on Pupil's Absenteeism in Ugandan Public Primary Schools
  • Japan's Oil Diplomacy towards the Middle East; Japan-Iran Relations
  • Power and Hegemony Nexus: Explaining the Chinese Rise
  • Practice of Economic Diplomacy: Role of African Embassies in Japan
  • Regime Complex for Development Cooperation: Mapping and Assessing Institutional Interplay
  • Relationship between Teacher Quality and Pupil Achievement in Namibia
  • The Impact of China's Aid on Democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The Impact of School Entry Age on Students' Primary Education Performance in Lao PDR
  • アフリカからの難民の子どもに対する保護
  • ウガンダ北部における給水施設の運営維持管理に関する一考察―アチェリ地域におけるJICAプロジェクトを事例に―
  • サブサハラ・アフリカにおける衣料品輸出の展開-変動する国際環境の影響を受けてー
  • 持続可能な地域づくりのための教育に関する一考察―離島地域における教育魅力化プロジェクトを事例に―
  • タンザニアの前期中等教育における就学継続の意味―生徒と退学者、保護者の視点に着目して―
  • ナイジェリアにおける肥料導入の決定要因に関して―ジェンダーに注目して―
  • 日韓の後期中等教育段階における英語教育に関する比較研究―推進背景・政策内容に着目して―
  • フィリピンのバランガイにおけるコミュニティ活動を活かした防災力向上に関する研究
  • 紛争が女性の社会的役割にもたらす影響―ウガンダ北部の女性に着目して―
  • 紛争後の国家における平和に関する生徒の認識―2007/08年の選挙後暴力以後のケニアの初等学校における平和教育を事例に―
  • 保護する責任の再解釈―政治的なものを覆い隠すものとしての『人権』―
  • Assessment of Foreign Aid Effectiveness and the Impact of Investment Volatility on Economic Growth in Developing Countries
  • Assets and Poverty Status Dynamics in Indonesia Using Household Data 2000-2014
  • Bank Liquidity and Its Determinants: Empirical Evidence from Ghana
  • Does Migration to a More Economically Developed Region Improve Family Food Security? Evidence from Brazil
  • Economic Growth, Public Private Partnership in Telecom Sector and Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Financial Development and Collateralization in Ghanaian Banks
  • Government Spending and Enrollment in Indonesia
  • Household Vulnerability to Idiosyncratic and Aggregate Shocks in the Philippines
  • Investigating the Gender Gap in Agriculture Productivity: The Case of Rice Production in Cambodia
  • Sector Productivity Growth and Deindustrialization in Asian Countries
  • The Development of the Shadow Economy in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • The Impact of FDI on the Economic Performance of the Countries in CIS Region
  • The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Economic Growth in ASEAN Economies
  • The Revenue Implication of Trade Liberalization in East Asian and Pacific
  • The Role of Tourism in the Indonesian Economy
  • Performances of Microfinance Institutions: The Case of Rural and Community Banks in Ghana, 2013 to 2015
  • 高度成長期後の中国の所得分布と「中間層」
  • 鉱物資源価格が紛争に与える影響―フィリピンにおける事例―
  • 中小製造業海外直接投資の決定要因の分析~企業間ネットワークの観点から~
  • ボトルウォーターの使用が子どもの健康に与える影響―ラオス都市部における事例―
  • 水へのアクセスと健康―ネパール山岳地域における事例―
  • Enhancing the Effective Implementation of Extradition in Lao PDR: A Comparison with Japan and Thailand
  • Farmland Acquisition and a Possible Role for the Farmers' Labor Unions in Myanmar
  • Legal Frameworks for the Local Governance Reform in Myanmar; Lessons Learned from the Implementation of Investment Law
  • Legal Framework for Lao Law on Special Economic Zone: The Inconformity to WTO's Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures
  • State's Restriction on International Mobility of "Irregular Aliens" in Thailand: Designing Legal Status for Selective(Im) Mobilization of Irregular Migrants, Stateless People and Refugees
  • 欧州人権裁判所によるパイロット判決手続における個人の権利保障―Constitutional JusticeおよびIndividual Justiceの観点から―
  • 公海漁業資源の管理枠組みにおける第3国措置-規範的正当性に関する―考察―
  • 子どもの権利実現における子どもの権利委員会の一般的意見の意義―合同一般的意見の検討を通して―
  • 統合的な海洋保護区の形成に向けた関係国際機関の協力の分析―北東大西洋と地中海の実行を中心に―
  • Community Perceptions on the Effectiveness of Participatory Slum Upgrading through Row Housing in Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Crucial Factors Affecting the Success and Failure in State Audit of Fraud: Findings from the Philippine Commission on Audit
  • The Street-Level Theory and Its Implications to Public Policy Implementation: Findings from the Philippine National Police
  • 韓国の政治的保守主義の起源 統治イデオロギーとして『一民主義』の登場と変容過程を中心に(1948-54)
  • 光州アジア文化中心都市事業をめぐるイデオロギーの考察
  • 国内政治過程における領土問題の顕在化―「竹島の日」条例制定過程を事例として―
  • 初期年金改革の日韓比較―圧力団体の活動を中心に―
  • 戦後日本社会における自衛隊イメージの変容―「エリート軍人」から「普通の人」へ―
  • フィリピン貧困層と就学前教育政策―条件付現金給付政策の事例から―


  • An Analysis of the Resilience of Extended Family on Educational Opportunities for Orphans in Zimbabwe:The Case of Harare Rural District
  • Effect of Automatic Promotion on Students' Dropout Rate and Learning Achievements in Uganda's Primary Education
  • Empirical Studies on Public Debt: The Case of Vietnam
  • Explaining Decentralization Reforms in Post-Authoritarian Unitary States: Philippines and Indonesia





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