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Titles of Theses & Dissertations

Examples of Master's Theses

Master of International Studies
  • Describing the Practice of Forfeiture in the Philippines: A Policy Design Perspective
  • Determining Factors of Civil Society Engagement in E-Government: Three Case Studies in the Philippines
  • Dilemmas and Developments of Outer Space: A Case of Japan and China Space Cooperation under the Security Dilemma
  • Disaster Risk Reduction for the Elderly in Kobe, Japan: Social Vulnerability and Special Countermeasures
  • Effect of Remittances on Children's Education in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Evaluating Postnational Citizenship in the EU: The Case of Roma's Right of Free Movement
  • Film Festivals as Destigmatization? —Considering LGBT File Festivals in Japan—
  • Obesity Epidemic in Adult Women in Urban Setting of Solomon Islands—The Determinants Causing Overweight and Obesity and the Possibility of Stemming Obesity Epidemic—
  • Personnel Management: Arbitrary Recruitment in Philippine Civil Service
Master of Economics
  • A Study on Factors Affecting the Performance of Micro and Small Enterprises in Vietnam
  • An Analysis of Teacher and Pupil's Learning Achievement in Malawi
  • An Analysis on Pupils' HIV/AIDS Knowledge in Malawian Primary Schools
  • Analysis of the Structure and Determinants of Sectoral Economic Activities on Poverty and Inequality Reduction in Ghana
  • Determinants of Aggregate Foreign Direct Investment Inflows and FDI in Agriculture Sector: A Study of Cambodia
  • Determinants of Housing Conditions in Africa's Slums: A Case Study of Korogocho
  • Does Sector-Wide Approach Contribute to Improve the Efficiency of Health Systems in Developing Countries: Cross-Country Evidence
  • Foreign Direct Investment and Spillover Effect in China: Evidence from China Industrial Sector.
  • Ghana's Public Debt and Financial Development
  • Impact Analysis of Family and School Factors on Pupils' Learning Achievement in Primary Education: The Cass of Togo
  • Impact of Education on Labor Market Outcomes in Lao People's Democratic Republic
  • Impact of Migration and Remittance on Child Schooling in El Salvador
  • Role of Network in Occupational Choice: Evidence from Rural China
  • Tax Incentives and Other Factors Determining on FDI in Indonesia: Industrial Approach
  • Teacher Characteristics and Gender Disparity in Learning Achievement in Palestine
  • The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • The Economic Determinants of Chinese FDI to Africa
  • The Effectiveness of Foreign Aid on Decreasing Infant Mortality in Indonesia
  • The Effects of Public Infrastructure on Total Factor Productivity of Rice Production in Indonesia
  • The Effects of Trade Liberalization on Unskilled and Skilled Labour in Ghana
  • The Impact of Trade Liberalization of Tax Revenues in ASEAN-5
  • Trade Relations between Indonesia and European Union
Master of Laws
  • Enforcement and Facilitation United: The Practice of the Enforcement Branch of the Kyoto Protocol Compliance Mechanism
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Process in Myanmar with Reference to CLMV Countries and Japan
  • Human Trafficking in Myanmar for the Protection of Victim Rights from Legal Points
  • The Legal Framework for the Public Private Partnership for Investment in Infrastructure in Vietnam
Master of Political Science
  • Determinants of Successful Participatory Institutions in Brazil
  • Intergovernmental Cooperation in Decentralized Public Services Provision in Indonesia: A Case Study on Regional Clean Water Provision in Bregas Region, Central Java Province
  • Mechanisms of Policy Diffusion and the Implementation of Conditional Cash Transfers in Ghana and Nigeria
  • Multi Level Government Collaboration in Indonesia: Case Study of Border Management Agency in West Kalimantan
  • Transforming State Identity and Japanese ODA: From Yoshida Doctrine to the Enactment ODA Charter
  • Why does the Result of the Civil Movements Turn Out to the Different Result Even When Organizations Facilitate Full Use of the Internet?

Examples of Doctoral Dissertations

Doctor of Philosophy
  • Analysis on Primary Students' Enrollment in Honduras since Late 1980s: Focused on Education for All(EFA) and Millennium Development Goals(MDGs)
  • How Local Territories are Won and Lost: Merger and Division of Local Government in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia
Doctor of Economics
  • Assessing the Economic Impacts of Migration and Remittances on Household Expenditure Patterns, Credit Borrowing, and Agricultural Input Expenditure: Evidence from Cambodia
  • Empirical Analysis on Capital Market and Listed Firms in Vietnam

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Titles of Theses & Dissertations

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