Kobe University

GSICS (Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies)

Teaching Staff

(as of 1 October 2023)

International Studies Program

Name Position Research Fields Courses
TOSA Hiroyuki Professor Critical Theory and Its Application in International Relations Issues in Peace and Development II, Special Seminar
NISHITANI Makiko Professor Theories of International Relations, Global Governance, International Norms International Relations, Special Seminar
AKAHOSHI Sho Associate Professor International Institutions, Global Governance, Forced Migration Studies, Human rights and Humanitarianism Issues in Peace and Development I
BISRI Mizan Bustanul Fuady Assistant Professor Disaster Risk Management, Humanitarian Studies, Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia,
Science-Technology-Society in International Relations
Regional Cooperation & Risk Management in ASEAN+3
OGAWA Keiichi Professor Economics of Education, Education Finance, Education Policy and Planning Human Capital Development, World Bank and SDGs, United Nations and SDGs, Special Seminar
SHIMAMURA Yasuharu Professor Development Economics, Applied Econometrics, Social Research Methods for Development Social Research Methods for Development, Special Seminar
OTSUKA Keijiro Project Professor Development Economics Microeconomics and Applications, How to write articles of economics in English
SAKAUE Katsuki Associate Professor International Educational Development, Economics of Education, Evaluation of Education Policy Field Research Methods
NAKAHARA Masato Assistant Professor Self-Defense Forces and Defense Issues, Security Issues in East Asia, Japan's Post-war History, Japanese Studies Risk Management I, Risk Management II
CHIKADA Masahiro Professor Comparative Education, Higher Education Special Seminar
KUZUKI Koichi Associate Professor Educational Sociology, Higher Education Research
NAKAZAWA Minato Professor International Health, Public Health, Human Ecology and Demography Demography, Medical Anthropology, Environmental Health, Special Seminar
KAMEOKA Masanori Professor International Health, Virology Special Seminar
MASUJIMA Ken Professor International Cooperation for Development, Global North-South Relations, Comparative Regionalism Special Seminar
KURUSU Kaoru Professor International Relations, Human Security, Japan's Multilateral Diplomacy Special Seminar
IIZUKA Atsushi Professor Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering Disaster Risk Management
KONDO Tamiyo Professor Housing Policy, Planning for Built Environment, Housing Recovery Post-Disaster Recovery Planning, Special Seminar

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Development and Economics Program

Name Position Research Fields Courses
TAKAHASHI Shingo Professor Special Seminar
ITO Takahiro Associate Professor Development Economics, Applied Econometrics Microeconomics, Special Seminar
CHEN Kuang-hui Professor Applied Econometrics, the Chinese Economy Statistics, Special Seminar
UCHIDA Yuichiro Professor Development Economics, Economic Development in East Asia, Applied Economics/Econometrics International Economics, Growth Theory, Special Seminar
KODAMA Masahiro Professor Development Macroeconomics, Structural Transformation Macroeconomics, Special Seminar
KAWABATA Koji Associate Professor Applied Econometrics, Economic Development, Industrialization Econometrics, Special Seminar
INOUE Takeshi Associate Professor Financial Inclusion, Remmitances, Indian Economy Monetary Theory, Special Seminar
ZHAO Laixun Professor International Trade, Foreign Investment, Multinational Labor-Management Relations, Cross-Border Pollution, International Merger Special Seminar
KITANO Shigeto Professor International Macroeconomics Special Seminar
KAJITANI Kai Professor Chinese Economics, Comparative Economics Special Seminar
HAMAGUCHI Nobuaki Professor Regional and Spatial Economics, Latin American Economy Special Seminar
SATO Takahiro Professor Indian Economy Special Seminar
MIYAZAKI Tomomi Professor Public Economics, Public Finance Public Finance, Special Seminar

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International Law / Law and Development Program

Name Position Research Fields Courses
SHIBATA Akiho Professor International Law Introduction to International Environmental Law, International Polar Law II, Special Seminar
HAYASHI Mika Professor International Law Introduction to International Cooperation Law, International Security and International Law, Special Seminar
OKADA Yohei Associate Professor International Law Introduction to Law of International Organizations, Introduction to International Human Rights Law, Special Seminar
YOTSUMOTO Kenji Professor Asian Constitutional Law Law and State Building, Special Seminar
KANEKO Yuka Professor Law and Development, Comparative Law in Asia, Law in Disasters Law and Economic Development, Special Seminar
SAITO Yoshihisa Associate Professor Social Law in Asia and Transition Economies Law and Social Development, Special Seminar

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Political Science and Area Studies Program

Name Position Research Fields Courses
MATSUNAMI Jun Professor Comparative Study of Deregulation, Privatization and Local Governments Japanese Politics, Local Government, Issues and Challenges of Asian Local Governments, Special Seminar
KIMURA Kan Professor Korean Nationalism and Historical Disputes in Northeast Asia Introduction to Political Analysis, Special Seminar
KAWAMURA Yusuke Associate Professor Middle East and North African Politics Principles of Political Research
MINOHARA Toshihiro Professor US-Japan Relations, Diplomacy, International Politics, Intelligence, and Security Studies Special Seminar
YASUI Hiroki Professor Party Politics in Germany Special Seminar

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Visiting Professor

Name Affiliation Courses
IZUMI Yasuo Oriental Consultants Clobal Co., Ltd. Special Lecture on Development Planning
ONISHI Shinichi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Japan 国際法外交実務論
TAKAHASHI Motoki Kyoto University アフリカ政治・経済論

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Adjunct Lecturer

Name Affiliation Courses
ABE Naofumi Ochanomizu University イスラム法社会論
INAZUMI Mitsue Kanazawa University International Criminal Law
KIBA Saya Kobe City University of Foreign Studies Political Development
KOCHI Ikuho Kanazawa University Environmental Economics
MASLOW Sebastian Sendai Shirayuri Women's College Introduction to Political Analysis
MATSUOKA Katsumi Iwate University 国際防災協力論
OHTSU Nobuhito Fire and Disaster Management College Community Empowerment for Disaster Risk Reduction
SHOJO Mari World Bank 教育開発論
SUGIMURA Koichi Tokoha University 比較政治、
TAKEUCHI Nobuyuki University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences 開発ミクロ経済学Ⅱ
UCHIYAMA Naoko Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Mathematics for Social Sciences
UMEMIYA Naoki Sophia University Japanese ODA
WADA Kenji Musashino Gakuin University 国際安全保障論
BRADSHAW Kevin David Academic Writing A ・ B


KODAMA Masahiro

I am an alumnus of GSICS as well as being on the teaching staff. I learned economics from scratch in this program. After working for a research institute for some years, I returned to this school as an associate professor. As can be observed from my experience, students can study economics in GSICS from a basic level to the researcher level. The teaching staff of our program understand not only economic theories but also actual developing economies. Thus, students can learn about both. The provision of knowledge of both economics and actual developing economies is one of our program's distinct features.

KODAMA Masahiro